//Video: How to Direct Publish to Oculus Go via Oculus Store

Video: How to Direct Publish to Oculus Go via Oculus Store

Video Overview of Direct Publishing to Oculus Store for Oculus Go Distribution

Last week, we gave you detailed instructions and screenshots for the new incredibly efficient direct Oculus Go publishing methodology. This week, we’ve put together a video to show you how to use the feature. See below for video and transcript.

You’ll definitely want to use Direct Publishing, particularly if you’re using InstaVR to:

  • Push out updates to your Go apps. This will save you time as you utilize Release Channels to update your apps directly from InstaVR, without having to also go to the Oculus Store web page.
  • Using a single app to prototype your Oculus Go builds. You don’t need to create a new app each time in the Oculus Store, just use one app + direct publishing to view your prototype.

:13  You can publish to Oculus Home from InstaVR directly

:17 Oculus’s App ID is required to enable direct publishing

:19 Open Oculus Developer page in your browser

:24 Sign in with your Oculus account

:28 Click “Manage” in the left panel

:32 Oculus asks you to create a new Organization

:35 You can have multiple VR apps in an Organization, and share access to your VR apps with others per Organization

:45 Click “Create New App” to have a new Oculus App ID

:48 “Mobile” is for Oculus Go and Gear VR apps. “PC” is for Oculus Rift

:51 Set app’s name used in Oculus Home feed

:56 You can see Oculus’s App ID is generated

1:00 Let’s make a VR app in InstaVR

1:04 I’m going to make a VR app that has two 360 videos

1:10 First scene is added to the VR app

1:14 Select Package->Oculus Go/Gear VR tab

1:18 Open Platform->Show to access detailed properties

1:21 Select “Oculus Store” in method

1:24 Copy the Oculus’s App ID

1:29 Paste to InstaVR’s “Oculus Store’s App ID” section

1:31 Copy the Oculus Store’s App ID

1:35 Paste to InstaVR’s “Oculus Store’s App Secret” section

1:38 “Enable Direct Publishing to Oculus Home” is enabled

1:41 You can publish to your Oculus Home directly with a single click

1:44 Oculus Store submission is not completed yet, so only people in your Organization can access the app

1:50 Direct publishing to Oculus Home is completed

1:51 Wear your VR headset, and navigate to Oculus Home

1:53 Make sure that you logged in with your Oculus Account

1:55 Select bottom right “setting” icon

1:57 Select “View Developer Feed”

2:00 Now you can see the VR app you published in InstaVR

2:02 Select “Download” button to download/install

2:07 Select “Open App” button to open your app

2:13 Let’s update the App adding a second video

2:21 Press “Start Direct Publishing to Oculus Home” to update

2:27 Open your app in the Oculus Go home screen

2:32 Press “yes” to allow the app to update

2:40 Open your App and see the updates

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