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InstaVR Live Preview – Preview VR app in seconds.

InstaVR Live Previewer allows users to play work-in-progress projects on native VR app previewer instantly without waiting for packaging.

How to use InstaVR Live Previewer

  1. Install previewer app to your device from “Preview” tab.
    • FAQ: How do I install Android and GearVR?
    • FAQ: Why did I get “Previewer app that can run on your GearVR devices is not ready.” message?
    • FAQ: Why does iOS have QR code only?
  2. Launch previewer on your device.
    • FAQ: GearVR previewer reports “Access Photos, Media & files on your device?” dialog. How do I allow it?
      • You can do it by using Gear VR’s touchpad located in right-side. Please gaze the “Allow” button and tap the touchpad.
    • FAQ: GearVR previewer reports “Thread priority security exception. Make sure the APK is signed” error.
    • FAQ: iOS previewer app reports “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” error.
      • Solution: Settings > General > Device Management > InstaVR, Inc. > Press “Trust InstaVR, Inc.”
  3. InstaVR previewer shows “QR code scan” screen.
  4. Scan QR code that is displayed in center of “Preview” tab.
  5. After QR code is scanned. Previewer retrieve latest project data.
    • Previewer needs internet connection. Wifi connection is strongly recommend.
  6. If there are missing assets, previewer prompt to download missing assets.
  7. Select Accept button, let previewer download missing assets.
  8. Once all missing assets are prepared perfectly. A link to 1st scene will be appeared.
  9. You can test your projects on native app.
    • FAQ: Preview result is different from packaged app.
      • The previewer might be outdated. Please update previewer.
  10. Any trouble?
    • FAQ: The app crash immediately instead of opening 1st scene.
    • Feel free to make contact with our support via dashboard’s “Support” button.