//Step-By-Step Guide for Building Quizzes Into VR Apps Using InstaVR

Step-By-Step Guide for Building Quizzes Into VR Apps Using InstaVR

Today, InstaVR launched our suite of tools collectively known as InstaVR Quizzes. Read our press release on it here.

The new easy-to-use Quiz feature provides template-based Q & A building in the InstaVR Console, greatly simplifying and streamlining the process of making quizzes for your VR apps. We are also rolling out Quiz Results, which gives you very detailed information on all of the answers given to your VR quizzes.

InstaVR Quizzes can be published as part of apps on major platforms including Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, iOS, Android and Web.

The new feature is available to all clients — Free (trial), Pro, and Enterprise.

Below is a step-by-step guide for building VR quizzes in InstaVR, as well as analyzing results. Like all features, we welcome your feedback on how we can improve InstaVR Quizzes. Reach out through the “Contact” button in your Console with feedback.


1. Create your VR app in the InstaVR Console as you normally would, adding Scenes, Navigation Links, Hotspots, etc (Here’s our Intro Guide for Creating VR Apps).
2. Select the Scene you’d like the Quiz to be added to by clicking on the scene’s thumbnail on the left side of the Console.
3. Then press the “Quiz” button in the upper right of the Console.
4. If adding multiple questions to the scene, choose if you’d like them to be Sequential or Shuffled.
5. Choose the % that need to be answered correctly for the quiz taker to be “Certified” as successful.
6. Choose what happens after questions are answered. The options are: Navigate to a new specific scene (then select the destination by pressing the + Click to Add Question Destination button), Have the user repeat the quiz if not certified, or go Back to Home. The default if no scene is selected for navigation is returning to the scene where the quiz appeared.
7. Add your 1st Question. You can optionally add an image to be displayed above the question.
8. Select the # of choices the user will see. You can add up to six answers.
9. Select the correct answer choice.
10. Check the box next to Enable if you’d like the answer options to be presented randomly. Otherwise, don’t check the box if you’d like them presented in the specific order you wrote them out.
11. Add the text for your answer choices.
12. Optionally add an answer text when a user makes a selection. Otherwise, users will see a green check mark for the correct answer, red x for incorrect answers.
13. Optionally add an image to appear behind the green check or red x.

14. Once you’ve completed setting up your quiz, it’s good to look at the quiz in action. The fastest way to do this is go to Package -> WebVR -> Press “Make Package for Web” -> Download -> Press “Open Hosted Page” -> Navigate to the Scene that has the Quiz -> Take Quiz

(for reference, here is a link to the basic WebVR and quiz created as a result of following the steps above in the guide)


1. In the upper right of the InstaVR Console, click your name.
2. From the drop-down, select Quiz Result.3. A new tab will open with the results, which include A.) Time Quiz was taken B.) Who took the Quiz. If you’d like the user’s name, you’ll have to invite them via Organization Management to access your app. Otherwise, if distributing the app yourself, your name will appear as the user. C.) The scene or scenes where the Quiz appeared D.) Was the Quiz completed? E.) Was the user “Certified”? (ie did they hit the threshold you set for % of correct answers) F.) % of questions answered correctly during the session

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