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Utilizing InstaVR to Create Engaging Design and Construction Service VR Experiences for Gear VR Headsets

InstaVR Architecture / Engineering /Construction Client AECOM Overview

VR is the perfect technology to showcase renderings and videos used in construction-related industries. InstaVR is the leading web-based platform for transforming 2D/3D media into distribute-ready VR applications.

So it’s no surprise that Fortune 500 company AECOM turned to InstaVR to help them easily create and distribute VR apps for their various global projects. The examples of their InstaVR-created apps are many: for client proposals delivered at in-person meetings, for training modules delivered pre-construction, and for garnering public approval of projects at community development meetings — to name but a few.

Challenges that Led AECOM to Become an InstaVR Customer

A Fortune 500 company widely recognized as the leader in global design services,  AECOM is serious about technology and visualization. The Design Consulting Services (DCS) Marketing division produces amazingly detailed building and construction renderings using Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max.

However, working collaboratively to easily distribute these renderings was not always easy. They had previously used an on-premise VR software which wasn’t great for their distributed team. Furthermore, the on-premise software lacked the ability to publish to multiple Gear VRs efficiently, and had a pricing structure that wasn’t conducive to their high output needs. The AECOM team was looking to make a switch to a cloud platform that could publish high-quality, cross-platform VR apps.

Enter InstaVR.

How InstaVR Helps AECOM Turn Autodesk Created Media Into VR Apps

Having fortuitously found InstaVR through an Internet search, the AECOM team rapidly discovered the benefits of using a simple but powerful web-based platform.

With employees located in disparate locations such as Tampa and Minneapolis, the AECOM team can now have multiple team members working on a project simultaneously. Uploading the exported images from Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max is simple. Then teams can collaboratively work on building out the VR apps, adding Navigation, Hotspots, Publishing, and iterating quickly to improve the overall feel of the apps.

Using InstaVR to publish across multiple platforms is simple. With one-click each, the AECOM team can have an app for iOS, Android, Google Cardboard, and codes for web embedded VR.

The biggest time saver comes with Gear VR app creation — a high value platform that AECOM utilizes for its priority projects. With InstaVR, the team at AECOM can upload multiple Gear VR signature files, rapidly creating the apps that can be loaded onto specific Gear VR devices to be shipped around the country and viewed by multiple parties. This significantly cuts down the time they have to spend on individual app creation.

Top Reasons AECOM Chose to Become an InstaVR Client

  • InstaVR is a completely web-based platform, making it easy for remote employees to collaborate on VR projects
  • InstaVR is simple to use and learn, as team members can efficiently turn renderings into publish-ready apps
  • The ease of publishing to multiple Gear VR headsets quickly for distribution

Forging a Closer Client Relationship Between InstaVR & AECOM

AECOM needed an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that would publish to multiple platforms quickly. They are publishing VR apps that need to be as accessible to an 80-year-old grandmother as they are to a 20-year-old student. InstaVR was and continues to be up for the challenge.

After meeting face-to-face with the AECOM team at Autodesk University, we’re confident our strong partnership will lead to continued success in turning 3D building and construction renderings into engaging VR experiences.

AECOM Use Cases for VR Apps

AECOM uses InstaVR to create a wide array of immersive design experiences for employees, clients, and prospective customers. Some of their InstaVR-created projects include:

  • For sales proposals, the DCS team will create shareable apps of potential projects that can viewed in VR across multiple platforms.
  • Developing comprehensive training modules, such as fire drills. The DCS team will render the fire drill using Autodesk Software, upload to InstaVR, augment with Navigation and Hotspots, and then efficiently publish to multiple Gear VR headsets.
  • For community development meetings, the AECOM team will render incredibly detailed planned roadways and bridges. Members of the community can then experience them immersively using the InstaVR-created apps on Gear VR headsets.

“InstaVR allowed us a fast and effective way to reach our audience across multiple platforms.
We’re very pleased, and looking forward to all the great developments to come!”

Stephen Paul
Visualization Manager, DCS Americas Marketing, AECOM