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Enabling a Marketing Agency’s Clients to Create Compelling VR Experiences Through a Partnership with InstaVR

Being Able to Create VR Without Technical Knowledge

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing space. Being able to offer clients a value-added service like VR app creation is important. Virtual Reality is impactful, memorable, and one of the best ways to connect with potential customers in a meaningful way.

However, most digital marketing agencies don’t have the technical knowledge to create and edit virtual reality. Nor do their clients have the technical skills to do it on their own.

So forward-thinking companies like transcosmos turn to InstaVR to enable them to offer VR creation services to their clients. transcosmos saves both money and time using InstaVR, the leading web-based solution for VR. And their clients get access to a simple drag-and-drop platform that allows them to create VR themselves.

The ROI of using InstaVR for both the marketing agency and their clients is very significant. Any marketing agency not offering VR services to their clients risks leaving revenue on the table — or worse, losing specific clients to VR-ready competitors.


marketing agency vr example

transcosmos Inc. Selects InstaVR to Get Into VR Business

Recognizing that Virtual Reality (VR) is gaining rapid attention in both marketing and advertising, Tokyo-based agency transcosmos sought to create a simple but powerful VR platform for its clients.

The new transcosmos 360 VR Contents Startup Kit does just that. It’s a one-stop soluton to quickly and easily launch 360-degree panoramic video & image-based VR across a multtude of platorms, including web and mobile.

Powering the transcosmos VR platorm is InstaVR, a cutting-edge VR content authoring, publishing, and analysis platform.

Now transcosmos clients, through the partnership with InstaVR, can create virtual reality experiences for multiple contexts, such as showcasing hotels and tourist sites, virtual tours of shops and factories, and for other tourism, real estate, and event purposes.

Additonally, transcosmos utilizes InstaVR to analyze client VR apps with analytics data and a heatmap overlays, providing guidance on how the client can improve their VR experience.


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transcosmos InstaVR Use Case Allows for VR for All Clients

transcosmos now offers clients a variety of options for utilizing VR, including:

  • Casual VR: Multiple scenes, with hotspots, that can be used for web-based landing pages
  • Rich VR: Fully immersive virtual reality, including audio and multple hotspots, that can be used in conjuncton with a VR headset to create a compelling and memorable experience

transcosmos Provides Personalized Support to their Clients

Though leveraging InstaVR to power the technology to create VR applications, transcosmos continues to provide direct support to their own clients. They’re able to do this because of InstaVR’s intuitive platform and InstaVR’s responsive support to the transcosmos team.

Through training and a direct communication channel, transcosmos has built up knowledge on InstaVR that enables them to provide timely local client support. Because they know their clients well, this support model allows transcosmos to best meet their client needs.

The agency gets accolades for providing VR services and personalized support, without having to go through the costly process of hiring engineers to code VR experiences. InstaVR acts as an on-demand technology partner for transcosmos, and one that provides exceptional technology and support.

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