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Get All the Features to Create VR Apps in Minutes

Easy-to-Use Interface

Completely web-based. Drag-and-drop, with no coding required.

Compatible with Multiple Media Formats

Images, Videos or Computer Generated. 360-degree or 180-degree. Mono or Stereo, including Cubemaps


Add navigation and video transitions. Hotspot overlays initiating videos, images, audio, etc. Calls-to-Action, allowing for direct response

Personalized Branding

Upgrade to remove InstaVR watermark. Add your own splash image or video to app, which loads prior to VR experience.

Publish to Multiple VR Outlets

Author once, then easily cross-publish. Online or Offline access to your apps. Publish to: iOS, Android, Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Google Daydream, Web, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift

Post-Publishing Analysis

Add your Google Analytics account to get usage data. Heatmap shows visually where people look in VR experience

Benefits of Our Simple & Powerful VR Platform

Author VR Quickly & Easily

Save time and money creating VR experiences. Do your entire project in-house. Perfect for VR novices and experts alike. Will work with all major 360 cameras sold today. Share typically hard to distribute media (i.e. cubemaps).

Enhance & Add Branding

Interactivity improves VR experience. Hotspots draw attention to areas you are trying to feature. Use VR to generate more customers/clients. Enhance your brand through VR. Completely white-labeled, so you appear as only author. More branding opportunities through pre-load screens (i.e. splash screen).

Publish Widely

Easy-to-use cross-platform publishing. Save time by authoring once and using one-click publishing. Online/offline app access allows for more flexibility in finished app. Your VR experience can be accessible on almost all VR headsets.

Post-Publishing Analysis

Use data to analyze and improve VR Experience. Get actual interaction numbers ported to your Google Analytics account to determine effectiveness of your VR apps. Rapidly improve next versions using the data/heatmaps.