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Referral Program

Promote InstaVR, Get $500 USD referral commission per new yearly PRO subscriber.


Your benefits as a partner

  • 20.9% outstanding commission structure to help you make more money.
  • No maintenance effort. Product is always up-to-date. Customer support is provided by us.
  • Real-time reporting to help you enhance your sales efforts.


Yearly PRO subscriber (one-time payment): $500 USD when you are a PRO user
Yearly PRO subscriber (one-time payment): $250 USD when you are a FREE user

  • Conditions for Yearly PRO subscribers (one-time payment)
    • If you are a Pro user
      • $500 USD (=20.9% of first year)
      • You can also claim 4 months of complimentary PRO access instead of claiming cash.
    • If you are a FREE user
      • $250 USD (=10.5% of first year)
      • You can also claim 2 months of complimentary PRO access instead of claiming cash.

Benefits for your customers

  • Your referral customers buy directly from InstaVR,  with a worry-free transaction through either credit card or PayPal.
  • Over 10,000 users have signed up for InstaVR since launch. Becoming a referral partner is an easy way to generate money from interest in creating Virtual Reality, and InstaVR in particular. Get set up today!

How it works

Step 1. Promote InstaVR for making your prospect confidence to select InstaVR PRO.

Step 2. Once prospect is agreed with choosing InstaVR PRO, Send email to your customer via InstaVR’s referral dashboard

  • You can navigate to referral dashboard from “Referral Program” menu item in dropdown menu in top right corner.
  • In the “Invite” tab
    • You can confirm you Referral conditions (Qualify and Reward).
    • You can send invitation email to new customer with your unique referral URL.

Step 3. Your customer clicks link in the referral email, and completes signup.

  • Invitation email contains your name in title.
  • The email contains a link to navigate new customer to special signup form with your referral.
  • New customer’s signup form will have “Referral from: <Your name used in InstaVR>” section.

Step 4. After the signup your customer will be redirected to payment page directly. Your customer pays by using Credit Card or PayPal.

  • When new customer completes signup with your referral, the new customer will not redirected to authoring page. The new customer will be redirected to payment page instead, to simplify referral process
  • When new customer signs up with your referral, they will have “Yearly billed” subscription option only. “Monthly billed” option is not qualified for referral program will not be displayed.

Step 5. Your customer will be upgraded to PRO immediately, and proceed to interactive tutorial.

  • When new customer’s payment transaction is completed, the new customer will be redirected to authoring dashboard and  interactive tutorial will be started.

Step 6. You receive email notification that your referral is qualified.

  • “Summary” tab shows qualified referrals in chronological order
  • “Claim” tab shows all referrals that qualify, claim and settle status.
    • Qualified: Date when the new customer upgraded to Yearly PRO user via your referral email. (Qualified date is not the date you sent email)
    • Claimed: Date when you claimed cash or free PRO access.
    • Settled: Date when claimed reward cash is transferred to your PayPal account or claimed free PRO access is granted.

Step 7. You can claim cash or complimentary PRO access via InstaVR referral dashboard.

  • In “Claim” tab, you can claim cash or free PRO access
  • Once claimed, claimed reward and date will be fixed and you can not change reward type any more.

Step 8. You receive reward.

  • Cash: Reward cash will be transferred via PayPal on the last day of next month.
    • If you claimed 500 USD on April 1st and 500 USD on April 15th, you will have 1000 USD transferred on May 30th.
    • PayPal will take around 4% transaction fee.
  • PRO access: The days will be appended to your account within 5 business days.

Customer Voices

Google Cardboard manufacturers

  • Your clients are purchasing headsets from you, but are likely want to create content as well.
  • Provide them access to an easy-to-use, fast solution for VR app creation for Google Cardboards.
  • By purchasing InstaVR as well, you’ll likely sell more Google Cardboards, as they’ll have more content to promote.

Reseller of Digital Contents Creation Tools (ie Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, Box, Dropbox, etc)

  • Add InstaVR’s cloud-based solution to your offerings, as VR adoption has taken off in the last 24 months (ie InstaVR has over 10,000 registered users)
  • InstaVR’s simple interface and usability make it broadly applicable to a large customer base
  • InstaVR handles all support questions and technical upgrades, so zero customer interaction needed beyond distributing referral code.

Solutions Consultant

  • Whether you’re working with Marketers, Real Estate Agents, or creating Training Applications, VR has wide applicability across a number of different industries.
  • If you’ll be building the VR applications for your clients, receive additional compensation for having your clients purchase through your referral code instead of directly from us. It’s simple to sign up as a referral partner.
  • If you’re only guiding your client in the purchase process, be assured we handle all technical support. So even though you are receiving referral commission, you don’t have to do any additional work post-purchase.

Referral Program FAQ

Can I apply my referral program to my own account?

No. Referral program is designed to invite new customers.

Can customers use multiple referrals? Referral from A and then referral from B?

No. One account can apply only one referral.

Only for paid users? No rewards for free signup?

Yes, currently the referral program only applies to new Yearly Pro subscriptions, paid upfront.

Existing FREE users can become referral clients?

If the user has not paid and upgraded to Pro yet, the answer is yes.

Is the commission recurring?

No. The referral program is designed for one-time payment.
If you want to have recurring commission, please consider InstaVR’s reseller program.

What is the reseller program?

Resellers can buy “Re-sellable and assignable” InstaVR licenses with a reseller discount, and resell them to clients with your pricing model.

Reseller can sell reseller’s technical support on the top of InstaVR access, training, consulting, etc.

Re-sellable licenses have various volume discount options.

All reseller transaction can be completed through InstaVR’s online reseller dashboard. You can do following transactions.

  • Order re-sellable InstaVR licenses.
  • Assign ordered InstaVR licenses to your clients
  • Override technical support URL
  • Provide customized look and feel  (OEM)
    • Domain
    • Logo
    • Color scheme

How to become a reseller?