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InstaVR Training & Learning Platform

Convert real world training into VR immediately



3 Times Faster

Immediate Learning


80% Lower

Increase Profits


Reduce 10%

Retain Top Employees

How InstaVR Works

Shoot Easily

1. Shoot Easily

You can easily shoot VR with a 360-degree camera or smartphone attachment.

Secure Delivery

2. Secure Delivery

Securely deliver content.

Various Devices

3. Various Devices

You can watch it on VR headset, smartphone, tablet or PC.


4. Analyze

Analyze viewing data and improve content.

Comparison with Video


Number of views
* KidZania Research
237 times
Memory Retention 50%
* mediaSift StoryUP Research
12 times


Number of views
* KidZania Research
13,455 times
Memory Retention 90%
* mediaSift StoryUP Research
180 times


Convert Image
InstaVR Training & Learning Platform
Grade Enterprise
How to Use Log in from browser and use
Server No need. Cloud system.

Supplied Items

InstaVR Central PC

Central computing system. Semi-automatically completes editing, conversion, and distribution of your VR training. Optimizes by extracting data from the VR camera’s SD cards. Connects to VR headsets or mobile devices directly via cable.

Included number: 1 License

Admin User

Admin account for editing, conversion, and analysis of VR training programs. Account manages all aspects of the VR creation and reporting process.

Included number: 1 User

Number of Trainees

Reach a large group of employees, clients, or contractors. Easily distribute VR applications to your training audience regardless of location.

Included number: 200 Users

Streaming Traffic Allowance

If streaming direct from our servers, receive an allotment of 1,000 hours of bandwidth per month. Once downloaded to headsets, no bandwidth is used.

Included number: 1000 hours / month

Cloud Storage Space

Huge amount of storage. Enough for filming VR training every single business day of the year (average shooting day of 4 GB).
Can also delete unneeded footage from our cloud.

Included number: 1TB (About 250 hours)

Long-Form VR Training Projects

Create separate long-form (no size limit) VR training projects. Enable separate VR training apps for different departments, partners, or clients.

Included number: 10 Projects


1. Initial Consultation

~ 1 week
We will discuss your current training approach, KPIs, goals and how using InstaVR will impact these.

2. Proof of Concept

~ 1 month
On-site visit at your company. We’ll teach you how to maximize 360-degree filming and use of InstaVR Central.

3. Build VR Training Apps

~ 2 months
Creation of VR training applications begins. Publish and distribute your 360 3D training. Improve content.

4. Achieve KPIs

~ 3 months
Most customers start achieving KPIs by this point. Our team will assist in guiding you to best results.

Customer Stories

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) case image

Successfully reduced training time and cost. New employee training costs reduced by 80%.

Using InstaVR, the USDA deploys long-form VR training for new field office employees, lowering the L&D cost by 4/5. This helped reduce travel time and expenditures, while still giving the same immersive experience as being there. Employee onboarding became more efficient and memorable than traditional video training.

United States Department of Agriculture(USDA)

Texas State University case image

Prepare employees for unlikely events immersively and remotely. EMT & Drivers train without having to physically be there.

Using InstaVR, State of Texas Ambulance Bus drivers and EMTs are given updated VR training, including through informative hotspot overlays. InstaVR helps reduce Mr. Lawrence’s project scope from 5-6 students to 1-2, and build time from a year down to 1-2 weeks.

Read more story: InstaVR Interviews: Grayson Lawrence, Associate Professor of Communication Design at Texas State University

Grayson Lawrence,
Associate Professor of Communication Design
at Texas State University

Stanford University School of Medicine case image

Training future ER doctors to avoid distractions. Creating VR emergency room videos helps Residents to maintain focus.

Using InstaVR, Stanford Medicine creates simulations of the ER, complete with visual and auditory distractions, to train new Residents.

Read more story: InstaVR Interviews: Erfan Mojaddam, Stanford University School of Medicine, Manager of Academic Technology and Innovation (ATI)

Stanford University School Manager of Academic Technology and Innovation (ATI) Mr. Erfan MojaddamMr. Erfan Mojaddam
Manager of Academic Technology and Innovation (ATI)
Stanford University School of Medicine