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VR in Architecture / Engineering:
Effective and Intuitive Communication Utilizing Immersive Virtual Tours


Architects, Engineering Firm Project Managers and Designers.


To communicate architecture or engineering plans, facts, expected side effects, etc effectively with professionals and non-professionals. These can be viewed by colleagues, clients, government officials, community, and the general public.

Current Situation:

Physical miniature or 3D computer graphic-rendered  images or videos are not intuitive enough to communicate with non-professional people.

Why Gap Occurred ?

Average people cannot convert 2d sequences into 3d or miniature into true scale in their brain.


Introduce VR experiences by utilizing 360 stereoscopic panoramic images that can be rendered by  popular software like Autodesk, VRay, and Lumion.

  • High Quality 360 Video / Images with Gear VR
    • Best suited for small audience of viewers
    • Gear VR is a handy portable VR headset, but much more powerful than Google Cardboard
  • High Quality 360 apps with Google Cardboard for wide distribution

Required Resources:

Example Schedule:

  • Now: Understanding how to publish to Gear VR
    • Sign up for InstaVR account (1 minute)
    • Complete InstaVR Tutorial (10 minutes)
  • Day 1: Order Equipment
    • Samsung S7 Edge
    • Gear VR Head set
  • Day 2: Export Renderings
    • Directly if using standard platforms like Maya or 3ds Max
    • Through A360 if output is cubemaps
  • Day 3: Upload to InstaVR
  • Day 4: Augment panoramas with informational hotspots and navigation between scenes.
  • Day 5: One click-export to various platforms. For Gear VR, sideload onto devices you will be distributing.