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VR in Marketing :
Offer VR Capabilities to Clients Immediately



Agencies and consultants in the marketing space.


To offer clients exceptional VR experiences they can use for customer acquisition or engagement.

Current Situation:

There’s large demand by clients for VR applications, but most digital marketing firms do not have the personnel or technical skills to meet the demand.

Why Gap Occurred ?

Creating VR applications has historically required specialized engineering knowledge, causing agencies to outsource to expensive 3rd parties or risk losing clients to VR specialty agencies.


Utilize InstaVR to expand client offering to include VR app creation and distribution.

  • High Quality 360 Interactive Video Champaign with utilizing Gear VR
    • Best match for having traffic offline events
  • Casual 360 Video/Images for iOS, Android with Google Cardboard
    • Agencies can either do production on the app themselves or white-label InstaVR’s offering to all of their clients
    • Publish to the iTunes or Google Play Stores for widest distribution
  • Directly embed VR into your web pages for widest distribution

Required Resources:

  • A 360 panorama camera such as the Ricoh Theta S to capture images/video
  • Web Browser
  • InstaVR Pro Account

Example Schedule:

  • Now: Learn how to use InstaVR
    • Sign up for InstaVR account (1 minute)
    • Complete InstaVR Tutorial (10 minutes)
  • Day 1: Capture 360 Images or Video you’d like to include in your client’s app
  • Day 2: Upload content to InstaVR
  • Day 3: Create App home screen, augment images/videos with hotspots
  • Day 4: One-click publish to iOS, Android, Google Cardboard, Gear VR and Web Embed
  • Day 5: If desired, submit clients’ VR app to App Stores