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VR in Employee Hiring :

Hiring the Best People from Anywhere, at Anytime


C-Level Executives, Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Public Relations.


Demonstrating your great workplace to hire the best people from anywhere.

Current Situation:

Cannot provide attractive office tour for 1) Non-local people 2) 24 hours/day and 3) without a tour guide.

Why Gap Occurred ?

A physical office tour is restricted by location, office hours and tour guide workforce.


Introduce Virtual Tour.

  • High Quality 360 Video / Image Office Tour with GearVR
    • Best approach for job booth fair
    • GearVR is a handy portable VR headset, but much more powerful than Google Cardboard
  • High Quality 360 Image Office Tours with Google Cardboard for wide distribution
  • 360 Image Office Tour with Web
    • Easy to introduce and host.


  • An automative brand uses InstaVR to showcase their offices and employees. Their interactive 360 video tours are embraced by potential employees, and provide a memorable experience.

Required Resources:

  • Professional know-how is NOT required.
  • 360 camera
  • Web Browser
  • InstaVR PRO account

Example Schedule:

  • Now: Understanding how to publish to Gear VR
    • Sign up for InstaVR account (1 minute)
    • Complete InstaVR Tutorial (10 minutes)
  • Day 1: Order Equipment
    • Samsung S7 Edge
    • Gear VR Head set
    • Gear 360
      • Rental plan might be prepared for camera
    • Tripod
    • Extension for 360 Camera
  • Day 2: Direction
    • Choose Tour Reporter: In most cases, PR or HR Director or President
    • Pick out most impressive locations and situations
      • Outside of office
      • Iconic Place
        • Entrance, etc.
      • Key working spaces with ideal personnel
        • Work space
        • Meeting room
      • Key benefits spaces with ideal personnel
        • Cafeteria
        • Fitness Center, etc.
  • Day 3: Shooting
  • Day 4: Compose and deploy to Gear VR on InstaVR
    • Upload 360 videos
    • Step by Step guide to make Gear VR app
  • Day 5: Join Job Fair