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VR in Sales :
Wow Prospective Customers with Immersive VR Product Demos in Anywhere / Anytime 


Field Sales Team, Trade Show Staff, Channel Sales.


To wow prospective customers with immersive VR product demos – at meetings, remotely, and at trade-shows.

Current Situation:

VR provides a powerful, portable way for salespeople to showcase their company’s products. However, they need guidance on how to create VR apps

Why Gap Occurred ?

Sales teams are hyper-focused on meeting with clients and attaining sales goals, so often don’t take the time to put together the apps that will assist them in closing more business.


Utilize InstaVR’s platform to easily create powerful VR apps to showcase a company’s product lien.

  • High Quality 360 Video/Images for iOS, Android, Gear VR and Google Cardboard
    • Augment your immersive product demo with informational hotspots
    • One-click publish across multiple platforms. The Gear VR, in particular, is a great showcase for sales team.
    • Share your apps with customers as a nice leave behind
  • Directly embed 360 product demos onto your corporate web page


  • One of the largest airplane manufacturers uses InstaVR to create virtual tours of their jets, with hotspots used to highlight key features. Their salespeople take the VR tours loaded on Gear VRs to tradeshows and meetings.

Required Resources:

  • A 360 panorama camera such as the Ricoh Theta S to capture images/video
  • Web Browser
  • InstaVR Pro Account

Example Schedule:

  • Now: Learn how to use InstaVR
    • Sign up for InstaVR account (1 minute)
    • Complete InstaVR Tutorial (10 minutes)
  • Day 1: Capture 360 Images or Video of your company products
  • Day 2: Upload content to InstaVR
  • Day 3: Create App home screen, augment images/videos with informational hotspots
  • Day 4: One-click publish to iOS, Android, Google Cardboard, Gear VR. You can also embed WebVR into your web page to make for a more immersive look at your products. If appropriate, post your app to Apple iTunes or Google Play for wide distribution.
  • Day 5: Add new products to your VR app without re-packaging through InstaVR’s Dynamic Contents feature