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VR in Real Estate :
Immersive Virtual Tours to Approach Potential Buyers Anywhere / Anytime, Leading to Faster Sales


Buyer’s Agents and Seller’s Agents


To give immersive home tours to potential buyers, leading to faster sales.

Current Situation:

Real estate is a very competitive market, where VR home tours can significantly speed up the home sale process, particularly to buyers from far away or that are buying as an investment property. Not every agent is utilizing VR currently, though.

Why Gap Occurred ?

Most real estate agents feel they don’t have the time, budget, or technical expertise to put together a virtual home tour.


Utilize InstaVR’s platform to quickly create VR home tours and distribute them widely.

  • High Quality 360 Video/Images for iOS, Android, Gear VR and Google Cardboard
    • Augment your home tour with value-added hotspots.
    • One-click publish across multiple platforms.
    • Publish to the iTunes or Google Play Stores for wider distribution, if desired
  • Directly embed your home tour VR into your agent web page


  • An Austin, TX-based marketing agency for new home builders creates 360 immersive tours of model homes, and distributes them via iTunes, Google Play, and Web Embedded VR.

Required Resources:

  • A 360 panorama camera such as the Ricoh Theta S to capture images/video
  • Web Browser
  • InstaVR Pro Account

Example Schedule:

  • Now: Learn how to use InstaVR
    • Sign up for InstaVR account (1 minute)
    • Complete InstaVR Tutorial (10 minutes)
  • Day 1: Capture 360 Images or Video you’d like to include in your client’s app
  • Day 2: Upload content to InstaVR
  • Day 3: Create App home screen, augment images/videos with hotspots
  • Day 4: One-click publish to iOS, Android, Google Cardboard, Gear VR and Web Embed
  • Day 5: If desired, submit clients’ VR app to App Stores