//New Feature Spotlight: Custom WebVR Tab Name, Logo, and Progress Bar Color

New Feature Spotlight: Custom WebVR Tab Name, Logo, and Progress Bar Color

New Feature Spotlight: 

Custom Tab Name, Logo, and Progress Bar Color

What Is It? – 

Just two weeks ago, we published “Ten Tips for Making Better WebVR Experiences“.

But things move quickly. And an InstaVR client publishing a very cool WebVR experience put in a feature request that made a lot of sense — they wanted to customize the web tab name & logo, and customize the progress bar color.

We understand the need for brand consistency. That’s why Pro subscribers can create white-label apps and remove InstaVR branding. So these new features further extend WebVR capabilities and allow for an even more customized WebVR experience.


How does it work?  – 

Go to Package -> Web

Expand the Platform section by pressing Show

For the Progress Bar… we default to our InstaVR RGB color. You can either pick the color visually of the progress bar that loads during the interstitial scenes OR if you know the RGB, enter it. For this example app, I’m building a tour of Dartmouth College. So I’m going to use the Dartmouth Green color, RGB 0, 105, 62

For the Web Tab Text… just enter the text you’d like to appear in the standalone tab for your Web VR.

For the Web Tab Icon… upload the icon to the File Manager, then select it.

That’s it! You can see the results below or click on this link to see the whole WebVR experience.


Who should use it? —

Any company with an InstaVR Pro subscription has access to the feature.

It’s super easy to use. If you or your client want to make as professional WebVR as possible, we highly suggest taking advantage of these new features!

Do you have a new feature you think should be part of InstaVR? Reach out to our Support team and let us know how we can continually improve InstaVR.


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