//How to Distribute Oculus Go Apps Inhouse Through the Oculus Store

How to Distribute Oculus Go Apps Inhouse Through the Oculus Store

Step-By-Step Guide for Distributing Your Oculus Go Apps InHouse Using the Oculus Store

You’ve created your app using InstaVR for the Oculus Go. Now you’d like to view it and distribute it to others. The recommended method from Oculus is via their Oculus Store.

Below the FAQs is our quick start guide focused on the easier of the two main Oculus Go publishing methods: via Oculus Store Release Channels.

Good luck and email us or use Live Chat (weekdays) if you have any questions!

FAQs for Oculus Store Distribution

Question: Will this method release my app to all Oculus Go users? 

Answer: No. This method will only load it on your Oculus Go. And then if you’re an InstaVR Pro subscriber, you can add additional specific Oculus Go users via Release Channels, if you’d like.

Question: Can I just upload my existing Gear VR package to Oculus Store?

Answer: No. As you’ll see below, you need to package your app specifically for the Oculus Store and then upload.

Question: Do I need to know any Device IDs or create Oculus Signature Files?

Answer: No, that’s only required for Gear VR. For distributing your Oculus Go app, you just need the email address of the user tied to their Oculus Developer account.

Question: Do you have to pay to set up an Oculus Developer account? 

Answer: No. You can sign up for a free Oculus account for loading your InHouse InstaVR-created apps onto your Go. You would have to pay if you intend to submit your app to the broader Oculus Store, that gets released to everyone.

Question: What if I want to release my app widely so anyone can download it from the Oculus Store?  

Answer: You can do that, if you submit properly and pay Oculus fees. Please note though that Oculus’ standard for App Store submission is much higher than iTunes Store or Google Play Store. They have a strong aversion to strictly commercial apps, and want ones that provide entertainment or educational value. InstaVR cannot guarantee approval of your app. Oculus Store publishing is only available to InstaVR Pro subscribers.

Question: Which channel — ALPHA, BETA, or RC — should I use for uploading to the Oculus Store?

Answer: Any of those channels will allow you to release your InHouse app, so it shouldn’t matter which one you choose. Please note that Free users can only publish to Store though, and not the Release Channels.

Important Note: If your app is OVER 200 MB in size, you’ll have to package it up using “Online + Download” option, which can be found on the right hand side of the main authoring screen. See below: 


Written Step-By-Step Instructions for Sideloading Oculus Go Apps Using Oculus Store Release Channels

Step 1: If you haven’t already, you’ll have to set your headset to Developer Mode. To do so… Open the Oculus App on your Phone -> Select Your Go Headset -> Select More Settings -> Select Developer Mode -> Turn on Developer Mode.

Step 2: Sign in to the Oculus Developer Portal. https://dashboard.oculus.com

Oculus Go Home

Step 3: Create a new Oculus Store app.

Step 4: Select “Oculus Go & Gear VR” for Platform

Step 5: Find “App ID” of Oculus Store app. Copy it.

Step 6: In the InstaVR Console

Open InstaVR>Package>Advanced Options

Method: Select “Oculus Store”

Paste: “App ID” from the Oculus Store here

Step 7: Re-Package Gear VR / Oculus Go app, and download it to your computer.

Step 8: Upload app to Oculus Store from your app name>Manage Builds>Submit Your App>Upload Your Build

Step 9: Assign the build to Store,  ALPHA, BETA, or RC channel.

Free Users: You can only select Oculus Store for the packaging in the InstaVR Console. Not the distribution channels. So when you upload to the actual Oculus Store dashboard, select Store as your channel.

InstaVR Pro Users: You can package to the Release Channels and easily distribute that way. So select ALPHA, BETA, or RC in the packaging section of InstaVR. Then when uploading, select the corresponding ALPHA, BETA, or RC channel in the Oculus Store.

Step 10: After Oculus has completed uploading, the Test Status should say “Complete” with a blue dot. That confirms your app meets Oculus standards.

For InstaVR Pro subscribers using the Release Channel method…

You’ll then have to add yourself to the channel to access your app.

Under “Users”, click the oval of the channel your app was uploaded to (that oval should be in black, the oval of channels you’re not using will be in grey).

Add the email address associated with your Oculus account. Check the box you agree to Terms of Service. Then hit “Add Users”. 

You’ll then get an email from Oculus where you’ll have to click the link to confirm. 

You’re app should then appear in your Go for you to download or stream! (if you can’t find it, you can search by name in your Go)

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