//How to Enable One Click Direct Publishing to Oculus Go Using InstaVR

How to Enable One Click Direct Publishing to Oculus Go Using InstaVR

How to Enable One Click Direct Publishing to Oculus Go Using InstaVR

If you’ve purchased an Oculus Go, you’ve hopefully read our how-to guide on publishing to Oculus Go using InstaVR.

The main publishing method — and the one recommended by Oculus — is as a private app through the Oculus Store. This allows you to easily privately share your app using Release Channels.

InstaVR’s primary goal is to make our clients more efficient and effective at publishing VR. So today we’re happy to announce InstaVR Pro clients can use “One Click Direct Publishing to Go.”

This is particularly useful if you’re going to either:

A.) Periodically update an app you’ve created and push that update out to your Go users or

B.) Use a single app in the private Google Store for testing your InstaVR builds prior to actual publishing to Go

Below we’ll walk you through the steps of setting up and using this direct publishing method.

Good luck and email us or use Live Chat (weekdays) if you have any questions!

Instructions for Enabling and Using Direct Oculus Go Publishing

****If you’ve already set up a project in Oculus Go, and want to enable Direct One Click publishing going forward for that particular project,

you can skip to Step 5, accessing that info by clicking “Getting Started API” below your project name in the Oculus Dashboard****

Step 1: If you haven’t already, you’ll have to set your headset to Developer Mode. To do so… Open the Oculus App on your Phone -> Select Your Go Headset -> Select More Settings -> Select Developer Mode -> Turn on Developer Mode.

Step 2: Sign in to the Oculus Developer Portal. https://dashboard.oculus.com

Oculus Go Home

Step 3: Create a new Oculus Store app.

Step 4: Select Mobile

Step 5: Find “App ID” of Oculus Store app. Copy it to Notepad or a similar program.

Step 6: Find “App Secret” specific to this project. The field is directly below the App ID. You’ll click “See Current Secret”, then Oculus will ask for your Oculus password, before displaying a long sequence of numbers and letters. Copy this to a Notepad, like you did with App ID.

Step 6: In the InstaVR Console

Open InstaVR>Package>Oculus Go/Gear VR>Advanced 

On the left side, enter your App ID name using the following structure “com.companyname.appname”, your company name, and your version number (****NOTE: YOU CAN’T HAVE TWO APPS IN THE OCULUS STORE WITH WITH THE EXACT SAME NAME & VERSION #… SO MAKE SURE TO UPDATE THE VERSION # EACH TIME YOU DIRECT PUBLISH AN APP UPDATE)

On the right side, select Oculus Store, paste in your App ID, and paste in your App Secret. Oculus Direct Publishing will then be auto-enabled after you enter the secret. Make sure to select the correct Oculus Store private channel that coincides with the existing app, if you’re using Direct Publishing approach for an existing project.  

Click “Start Direct Publishing to Oculus Home”

Step 7: Your InstaVR created app is now published directly to your Private Release Channel!

If this is the 1st time you’re publishing the project, you’ll have add your Oculus Go registered email address to “Users” to see your app in your Go.

If this is an update for an existing project, it will show up as an update in your Oculus Go headset for you to download. 

That’s it! Best of luck with all your Oculus Go projects!

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