//InstaVR Articles: Read Our Published Works on VR for Training, Marketing, Education and More

InstaVR Articles: Read Our Published Works on VR for Training, Marketing, Education and More

This year, we’ve focused a lot of energy on explaining the benefits of InstaVR across multiple use cases. If you follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/instavr) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/instavr), you’ve hopefully clicked through to read those contributed articles. If you haven’t, we’ve put together this handy post which collects all of our 2016 guest articles in one location. We’ll keep updating it through the end of the year…

EdScoop – Want VR to Work? Make College Students the Content Creators

This article covers how colleges and universities are using InstaVR. The primary purpose of the article is to discuss how including students in the VR content creation process adds value to student learning. Universities have been very heavy adopters of InstaVR, so we’ve been able to glean a lot of information from how they use our platform. 

EdTech 4 Beginners – How to Create a Virtual Field Trip Using Google Cardboard

This article is geared more toward the K-12 space, where teachers themselves are as likely to create the VR as the students. This how-to guide shows the ease and simplicity of using InstaVR to create a VR app which you can distribute to your class for Google Cardboard headsets. 

VentureBeat Content Network – Government Divisions to Use VR for Training, Hiring, and More

This article covers different government use cases for InstaVR. Government divisions are surprisingly early adopters of VR technology, as they recognize the cost savings (ie VR for Training new employees) and potential profit opportunities (ie VR for increased tourism visits).

Training Industry – Virtual Reality: A Great Fit for Employee Onboarding

This article — which can be accessed at https://www.trainingindustry.com/articles/learning-technologies/virtual-reality-a-great-fit-for-employee-onboarding/ – covers how important VR is becoming as a tool for training new employees. Using InstaVR, clients have been making VR apps that can help acclimate and train new employees across a wide array of industries.

UsabilityScale – Going from Sketch to VR app Using InstaVR

This article wasn’t actually authored by us, but we’d be remiss in not mentioning it. It’s a very well-written, straightforward how-to guide on using Sketch/Photoshop, combined with InstaVR, to create an easily distributed VR application.

VentureBeat Content Network – For Marketers, VR Offers Real Potential and Opportunities

This article focuses on marketers, and how VR helps them to stand out from the crowd and provide memorable & engaging VR experiences using InstaVR. As most marketers aren’t expected to learn coding, InstaVR provides the perfect platform to quickly and easily generate VR experiences for distribution to potential and existing customers.

VentureBeat Content Network – How Universities are Defining the Future of VR

This article does a deep into how colleges are some of the most innovative users of VR. As they train the next generation of workers, VR labs at universities are allowing students to explore how VR can impact all sort of activities.

VentureBeat Content Network – How Recruiters are Employing VR to Impress Candidates

This article looks at how Recruiters and HR departments can leverage VR when meeting with potential employees. From virtual office tours to “Day in the Life” VR videos, utilizing VR in the recruiting process gives companies a distinct advantage. Using the technology makes your presentations more memorable.

VentureBeat Content Network – How VR Training Apps are Finally Becoming a Reality

This inaugural article for the VentureBeat Content Network covers the enterprise VR use case most readily being adopted by corporations: training. From new employee onboarding to ongoing practice to simulating unique & dangerous situations… VR for training is readily being embraced by tech-forward companies. Besides showing significant ROI, using VR for training also gives employees a more meaningful training experience than traditional videos. 

Useful Usability – Interview at SXSW with our Head of Marketing, Andrew Woodberry

A nice interview with Useful Usability founder Craig Tomlin, covering everything from how InstaVR approaches UX to the future uses of VR. Includes both video of the interview and a transcript. 

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