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InstaVR Interviews: Goretti Campbell, ImagineThis

InstaVR Interviews: Meet the VR Practitioners is a new blog series where we turn the spotlight on our customers. We find out why they create VR, how they use InstaVR, and what the future of VR will look like. If you’d like to be featured in this series, please reach out to our Head of Marketing, Andrew Woodberry – andrew at instavr.co.

ImagineThis, supported by Dave Martinez Ventures, participated in the recent AT&T Hackathon in San Francisco. The team used InstaVR to build a Google Cardboard and Gear VR app. The team will be at Maker Faire this weekend in San Mateo, displaying the InstaVR-authored app to the over 200,000 attendees who will be attending. If you’re going to Maker Faire, make sure to stop by and meet the folks from Dave Martinez Ventures.

Goretti Campbell (ImagineThis)

What is ImagineThis & what is the AT&T Hackathon?

ImagineThis is the name of the team that was created to execute an app for the AT&T Hackathon. The AT&T Hackathon is about learning to use and build applications involving VR/AR and network working as a team.

How did you hear about InstaVR and what did you use the platform to build?  

Dave Martinez Ventures recommended InstaVR to use as a tool to kickstart our app. The goal of ImagineThis is to build a VR app that enhances the emotions of the user through an immersive experience.

What were your impressions of InstaVR for the VR app building process? 
InstaVR seemed a bit overwhelming at first, but after installing the tutorial onto our phones, we found that it was simple to use, but the Pro features are essential to delivering a more robust experience. (We temporarily switched from having videos to using pictures to reduce the application size.) InstaVr allowed us to prototype very quickly so we could immediately see how the app looked like without any of the actual code.

(editor’s note: The team placed third at the AT&T Hackathon and will be displaying the apps created at the Maker Faire, in San Mateo, CA 5/20 – 5/21)

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