//New Feature Spotlight: Organization (Inviting Collaborators)

New Feature Spotlight: Organization (Inviting Collaborators)

New Feature Spotlight: 

Organization (Inviting Collaborators)

What Is It? – 

As VR becomes an integral part of companies, collaboration on projects becomes more and more important.

The new Organization feature allows InstaVR Pro users to grant “Edit” access to others. This can be used for collaborating with fellow employees, partners, clients — anyone with an InstaVR account!

Edit rights can be granted on a per project or overall account basis.


How does it work?  – 

Some of you may have already encountered the Organization feature inadvertently. If you’ve tried to log in to InstaVR from two different computers simultaneously, you’ve likely seen this alert:

You won’t be able have your account open on multiple browsers. But if you want to work with someone else on the same InstaVR project, you can send them an invite via Organization. You can then both access that same project or account at the same time.

Here are the steps to proactively utilize Organization and grant access rights.

1 – From your InstaVR Console, click on your name in the upper right hand corner, and select “Organization” from the dropdown menu.

2 – From the Organization dashboard, add the InstaVR-associated email address of users you’d like to collaborate with. If they don’t already have an InstaVR account, they will have to sign up for one. Collaborators can be given access to either specific projects tied to your Pro account, or all projects. You can invite up to 200 collaborators per account.

3 – The user you invite will receive an email from InstaVR. They’ll have to confirm they want to collaborate with you before your projects appear in their InstaVR account.

4. After clicking “Join Project” from email, your selected projects will appear in the collaborator’s InstaVR project dashboard. Their personal account projects are always listed on the top, with the collaboration projects listed below. From there, all Edits made by any of the Collaborators will be reflected to all users with access to the account (like in Google Docs).


Who should use it? —

Colleagues – Virtual Reality no longer needs to be siloed only in the media/production department of a company. 360-degree cameras are affordable, and InstaVR’s “No Coding” platform makes VR authoring accessible to everyone.

We’ve seen collaborations between HR & Recruiting, Sales & Marketing, and Training & Media/Production teams.

Colleagues, regardless of geographic location, can work on creating and publishing VR apps together.

Clients/Agencies – Collaboration between agencies and companies is made so much easier thanks to technology. InstaVR allows agencies to solicit immediate feedback from clients, without having to publish an app. The clients can become an integral part of the creative planning process.

And since agencies work with many different clients, the access rights approach — only granting collaboration for specific projects — works great!

Schools – Some of the most interesting uses of VR are coming out of Academic institutions. That’s in part why we offer special InstaVR Academic accounts for student and faculty.

However, even with significantly discounted pricing, many schools cannot purchase InstaVR Academic accounts for all students in a class. By placing students into groups, and allowing them to work collaboratively via InstaVR accounts, schools can provide whole classrooms access to VR technology at a price point that meets their budgets.


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