//Virtual Reality Authoring Tool to be Showcased at SXSW

Virtual Reality Authoring Tool to be Showcased at SXSW

An online platform for non-techies to easily build publish-ready VR apps

Austin, TX- March 1, 2016 –  InstaVR Inc Technologies will be heading to Austin, TX to present InstaVR™ (http://instavr.co) during the SXSW trade show (Booth #123 at the Austin Convention Center, March 13-16).

InstaVR is a web-based authoring tool that enables anyone to quickly and easily author publish-ready interactive VR apps for all mobile and desktop platforms.


Virtual Reality content creators currently experience numerous challenges in publishing VR content, primarily because each VR platform has its own unique set of requirements for playing solutions and head-tracking SDK integration; without any standardized solutions for playing high performance content in 3D space. InstaVR is the first authoring tool to address these costly challenges by providing a standardized solution for playing all VR images and videos within a high-performance and an automated integration process that adapts to various VR platform SDKs.


Through InstaVR, content developers can add interactivity to their VR content; such as navigations, hotspots, branding and audio elements. In the final step, apps are produced for both iOS and Android; as well as various other virtual reality platforms. These packages are publish-ready and can be submitted directly to each applicable marketplace. As a result, InstaVR allows content creators to develop and build a VR app within minutes, using the drag-and-drop web-based interface.


InstaVR can be used in a variety of ways to allow a wider set of audiences to experience locations (e.g. real estate, tourism, photography, travel), products (e.g. automotive tours, furniture, etc.), and events (e.g. weddings, concerts, sports). InstaVR will allow users no-cost access to build their own custom apps. For professionals, InstaVR offers a subscription to build completely branded apps, with greater storage, and metrics on app usage. Professional subscription will be offered starting at $199/month. Contact us for more info.


Over 1,000 VR packages have been built by InstaVR’s beta users to date. Interested users can request for beta access here: http://www.instavr.co.


Press Kit can be accessed here. For more information, or to set up a meeting or interview with founder, Daniel H. Haga, please contact Anita Santa-Coloma at anita@mocha7.com.


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