//InstaVR FAQ : How to Set Up Google Analytics and Incorporate InstaVR

InstaVR FAQ : How to Set Up Google Analytics and Incorporate InstaVR

Steps to find Tracking ID from Google Analytics account:

1.  Log in to Google Analytics account (https://analytics.google.com).

2.  Click on Admin button.

3. Select Property from Property Settings → Tracking Info → Tracking Code.

4. Get Tracking ID and save it.

How to use Tracking ID for VR Scene, Links, Hotspot & Action’s Google Analytics data for Mobile App Users :

1.  Set Tracker ID in Package → Advanced Settings → “Google Analytics Tracker” field.

2. Set “Google Analytics Page Name” for VR Scene, Links, Hotspot & Action on InstaVR Dashboard → Authoring tab.

VR Scene



3. Once pages’ names are set in Authoring tab, publish Android Package after filling out other required details in Branding and Package tabs. (Make sure Google Analytic Tracker field should have Tracker ID)

4. After Android Package publish completed, download package from Download tab (Scan QR Code from your Android Device)

5. Install application on your Android Device and Open it.

6. User can navigate to VR Scene via Links, View Hotspot & Action icons etc..

7. After finishing viewing application, Close it.

8. Open Google Analytics Overview/Home page & Check “Screens” section.

9. Click on Screens link to view details:









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