//InstaVR FAQ : Setting up Daydream headset and controller for InstaVR’s Daydream Supported VR App

InstaVR FAQ : Setting up Daydream headset and controller for InstaVR’s Daydream Supported VR App

Prerequisite :
Daydream Ready Phone (e.g. Google Pixel)
Daydream View Headset
Daydream Controller

Install the latest Android update(s) :

You might be asked to install the latest Android updates.

Please make sure to install all pending Android updates before continuing with Daydream setup. Daydream may not function properly unless all updates are installed.

Make sure all Android updates are installed before continuing with Daydream.

Installing the Daydream Application from Play Store :

Before starting and viewing InstaVR’s Daydream supported VR on Daydream Headset, user will need to install Daydream Application from Google Play Store. You can simply search “Daydream” and install it on your Daydream supported device.

Once you are done with installing the Daydream app on your device, you will need to set up the Daydream app with your Daydream view headset, pair the Daydream controller with your device, and you are all set to experience your InstaVR Daydream supported application.


Setting Up the Daydream Application on Daydream supported device :


Once the Daydream application is installed, you will need to set up the Daydream view headset with your device. To do this, follow the below steps :

1. Launch the Daydream App and you will be asked to continue with your google account.


2. You’ll be asked to create a Google PIN and add a form of payment during setup. A form of payment is required to use Daydream, but you won’t be charged unless you make a purchase.

3. Next, the app will confirm that you have a Daydream Headset. Tap on “I HAVE A HEADSET” blue button.


4. As soon as you tap on “I HAVE A HEADSET” button, it may ask to update your “Google VR Services” (If it is not updated). Tap on Update & update the “Google VR Services”.


5. Next, you will be taken to a couple of screens with instructions to adjust the strap of the Daydream headset, as well as some precautions to take while using Daydream VR. Tap on “Next” on these screens to continue.

6. After Welcome Screens, App will download VR Components on your device.

7. Next, you may be asked to download & install “Daydream Keyboard” from the Play Store. Install “Daydream Keyboard”.

8. Last, you will be asked to update the permissions for the Daydream applications.

Pairing the Daydream Controller with your Daydream Supported Android device.
Now that the Daydream Application is installed and set up, in next phase, you will need to pair your Daydream Controller with your device. To do this, follow the below steps:

1. Daydream app will automatically ask you to turn on your Controller. You will see below message if your controller is not ON or not found by your device.

2. When your controller is ON & next to your phone, you will have to simply press and hold on the “home” button on your controller, and it will automatically pair with your phone. Once done, tap on “Continue” and that’s it, the controller will be paired with your device.

Now you have successfully set up Daydream view headset and controller with your Daydream compatible Android phone.

Installing the InstaVR’s Daydream supported VR Application :


1. Build a Daydream package from the InstaVR web console after logging in.

2. Install the Daydream package on your Daydream-ready device by Downloading the package or Scanning the QR code.

3. Tap on Install Button to Install App on Device.


Watch InstaVR’s Daydream supported VR Application on Daydream View Headset

1. From the Android Phone’s Home Screen, Locate InstaVR’s Daydream supported VR Application and tap to launch the application. It will instruct you to place your phone into the Daydream headset.

2. Place your phone into Daydream headset, now you will be asked to take your controller, aim forward, and hold the Home button.

3. Once you are done with that, your application will start in couple of seconds and you can access the immersive experience of InstaVR’s Daydream supported VR application.


4. You can also use the Daydream controller and use its laser pointer to gaze the links, actions, hotspots etc markers added to the VR scene and do actions.


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