//Publish package for iOS platform by using InstaVR

Publish package for iOS platform by using InstaVR

Below are the steps you need to follow in order to publish the iOS app:

  1. Using InstaVR app, Once you are done uploading your VR Files, hotspots, links, Go to Publish section>>iOS.
  2. In Common settings, add an App ID (Note down this App ID – App ID Value must follow the convention ‘com.YourCompanyName.YourProductName), company name and version. From platform settings, download CSR File and keep it at some accessible place on your computer.
  3. Login using the apple developer account – https://developer.apple.com/
  4. Go to Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles section.
  5. Go to Certificates>>All, Click on “+” icon to Generate and Download “Distribution Certificate (.CER)
  6. Select App Store and Ad Hoc radio button displayed under Production section.Click on Continue button.
  7. Click on Continue button on “About Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)” screen.
  8. Upload a CSR File downloaded on step 2 on Generate your certificate screen. Click on Generate button.
  9. Download the distribution certificate and keep it at some accessible place on your computer.
  10. Go to Identifiers>>App IDs, Click on “+” icon to register App ID. On Registering an App ID, Under App ID Description>>please add your iOS app name.
  11. Under App ID Suffix>>Add the same bundle ID as App ID (which was noted in step 2 above mentioned)
  12. Remain Explicit App ID radio button selected and other settings as it is and click on Continue button.
  13. On Confirm Your App ID screen, review your App ID information and click on Submit button.
  14. On Registration Complete screen, Click on Done button.
  15. Go to Provisioning Profile>>Distribution,Click on “+” icon to add provisioning profile. On Add iOS provisioning profile screen, under distribution section, select App Store radio button and click on Continue button.
  16. on Select an App ID screen , from dropdown, select App ID registered recently through above mentioned steps and click on Continue button.
  17. On Select Certificates screen, select the certificate created recently through above mentioned steps. Click on Continue button.
  18. On Name this profile and generate screen, Add a Profile name as your iOS App name. Click on Generate button.
  19. Download the provisioning profile generated and keep it at some accessible place on your computer.
  20. Go to InstaVR Web app and on Publish section>>iOS>>Platform Settings. Upload Distribution Certificate which was downloaded in step 10.
  21. Upload Distribution Provisioning Profile downloaded on step 20.
  22. Click on Publish to iOS button.
  23. After some time, iOS package is generated and Download iOS package(.IPA) from Downloads section.

After downloading iOS package (.IPA) of your application, you can upload app to the app store using https://itunesconnect.apple.com/

Please watch below link:

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