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Public Relation / Journalism

InstaVR has a very user-friendly interface, a low learning curve to master the tool, and was the perfect solution to create this kind of ‘point-and-click’ short interactive story.

The ability to include images, videos, background music and sounds in the platform made the immersion experience very complete.”

Fabio Hofnik & Italo Monteiro
“Run Away: A short interactive story about war”

Entertainment / Sales

Sanrio Puroland Co. has expanded its sales promotions efforts through content aimed at increasing inbound visitors from overseas. They have created VR applications using rich media as a more engaging way to increase worldwide exposure for the Hello Kitty centric theme park. The VR app was first released at SANRIO EXPO held on February 6, 2017, and the company plans to start full-scale operations on more VR experiences this spring.

”Due to the high productivity of InstaVR, production of mockups usually taking 2-3 weeks were completed in one week.
By being able to mock up at an early stage, we were able to take more time to fill out the details, and we were able to improve the quality.
As for the final cost and delivery time, production was completed at half of our initial cost estimate, and actual delivery date was realized in 3 weeks, from beginning filming to app delivery.”

Hiring / Training

The first Enterprise InstaVR customer to leverage this technology is TOYOTA HIGH SYSTEM, Incorporated (100% owned by TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION). They’ve created high quality, immersive office tours specifically for their recruiting team to increase interest in working for the company.

“Initially, we created a ‘VR Office Tour’ for enabling candidates to virtually visit our offices using InstaVR’s GearVR output feature.
By supporting HTC VIVE, it is now also possible for our app users to watch for a longer time with higher picture quality.
TOYOTA can broaden the range of VR experiences we produce by utilizing HTC Vive output capability.”

Mr. Osawa Takehito
Solution Sales Department


“InstaVR is a great tool to start building virtual reality visits on your own.
In no time you can have a full VR application up and running in all platforms!”

Mr. Cesar Miguel
Engineer at the Booster Digital & Innovation Lab at Total

“InstaVR is many, many times faster than building our own app. Unless you’re going to be a pure play VR company, then something like InstaVR is the obvious choice for getting started building apps.”

Dan Knight, CTO
ORDRE – Online wholesale platform for the ready-to-wear industry

“I’ve tried your product and it works great! You’ve saved me hundreds of hours of development time with your tool.

I’m happy to see that there are experimental features being added to the tool which signals to me that you are adding more and more features.”

Ryan Jackson
Full Circle Visuals

“First we hired freelance Unity developers, but it was both expensive, and we didn’t have the creative freedom we wanted.

After using InstaVR, our workflow has both been more smooth, more cost efficient and the whole GUI is just a pleasure to work in.

It’s VR app development without code, that just works!”

Christian Søes

Insta VR is very Innovative and very useful to offer applications to my clients according to their needs.

It is enough to mount a project only once and then to choose the application that we want to export. We can export the same projects in several applications (HTC Vive, GearVR, android for cardbord …); Very appreciated by my clients.
Support chat very efficient and fast.
I recommend InstaVR!


InstaVR is a very good tool to transform my projects 360 ° photos and video into applications specific to the main helmets of the market.
I can offer full service to my clients.
Good team efficient and quick to answer questions.

Frédéric Brassard / Photo / Vidéo / 360 °/ VR

“We love the flexibility and authoring tool of InstaVR. It worths every last penny!
They helped us improving the platform according to our requirements. Thanks you guys!”

Roberto Navarro

“I am so exciting at this moment to use your VR solution, I made VR records and made a web page to contain those VR contents.

I am beginner at this moment for a InstaVR. Today I got great idea to operate this insta VR platform to our business of VR news publisher.

Happy and excited from your staff’s support appreciate your great support”

Dr Sehoh Kang
President and CEO Unisilver Inc, VR news pulisher
Unisilver Inc

“InstaVR was a really nice software and very easy to work with, everytime I have faced any problem the support team helped me several times, and sometimes even more!, great software and great support team, 9/10 !”

Mr. Sergio Villar

“From a graphic designer’s perspective, InstaVR provides the user with an extremely friendly UI/UX experience that allows the user to drag an drop their content and give it refreshing, new interactive life that harnesses the power of VR.”

Mr. Kevin Heinl Jr.
Art Director
BTS Consulting & Training


“You guys have great support!”
Tyler Breitbach
Senior Editor/Production Director
Happee Smith Productions

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InstaVR has been selected by over 20,000 companies and professionals

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