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Enabling Students to Create Immersive and Shareable VR Learning Experiences

Three Main Benefits of Using InstaVR 

  • Easy to learn drag-and-drop interface; students and teachers can start creating VR apps immediately
  • Ability to add scene-to-scene navigation and augment with informative hotspots
  • Flexibility to publish across multiple platforms with a single click each

The Challenge

To say the students in Professor Maha El Gewely’s Architecture and Urban Design program embraced VR is an understatement. As an end-of-semester project, they sought to host a Hyper Reality Architecture presentation, highlighting the historical architectural grandeur of the local Cairo area in panoramic 3D.

Only problem — how to get their wonderfully captured 360 images from cameras into a shareable virtual tour for other students to experience.

Enter InstaVR.

The Solution

InstaVR has always been very popular among education professionals and students. From marketing/admissions officers creating campus tours to teachers creating virtual field trips to graduate students utilizing InstaVR for research purposes.

The students in Professor Gewely’s class needed a simple, intuitive platform for executing their VR plans. InstaVR allowed them to easily upload their media, add Navigation to create a cohesive walking tour, and then publish across platforms simply, including Google Cardboard and more sophisticated head-mounted displays.

The result was an incredible, immersive journey through the architecture of Historical Cairo. Created quickly and easily, and appreciated by all who got a chance to experience it.


There are many use cases for VR in the educational space. The students at German University Cairo leveraged one of the best — educational virtual tours that can be shared widely.

Rather than settling for a more traditional approach, or spending a long time learning a complicated new VR software program, the students leveraged InstaVR’s cloud-based architecture to create amazing virtual reality. Both the students creating the tours and the students experiencing them got a memorable window into the educational power of virtual reality.

Engaging Minds Through VR

Academic Licensing allows teachers and students to easily create their own immersive VR experiences at a more cost-effective price point.

“InstaVR is just a great and easy to learn tool. We have used InstaVR in our ‘Historical Cairo Goes VR’ project, combining small 360 tours in Historical buildings to make a walk through Fatimid Cairo. Using InstaVR made our project just way better.

Professor Maha El Gewely
Instructor, Architecture and Urban Design Program at German University in Cairo

Photos courtesy of GUC -> Hyper Reality Course -> Students

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