//3 Ways to Succeed as an InstaVR Referral Partner

3 Ways to Succeed as an InstaVR Referral Partner

For the month of July, if you refer clients or friends who sign up for a month of InstaVR Pro in July, you get a $100 Referral Fee! They pay us $299 for a month of InstaVR Pro, you get $100 transferred to you August 31st.

Referral Program Overview

Earlier this month, we launched our 1st ever Referral Program: https://www.instavr.co/partnership/referral-program

We observed that our 10,000+ users had been telling their friends, relatives, and colleagues about InstaVR. So why shouldn’t they be compensated if their referral led to a new InstaVR Pro user?

We wanted to reward our Referral Partners with $100 for each new InstaVR Pro monthly client they sign up! So starting July 1st, for the full month of July, refer a new InstaVR Pro user to us, and get 1/3 of their first month’s payment — $100 — sent directly to you!


1. Share what you’ve created using InstaVR

The best way to show off the possibilities of VR is to share your VR applications.

Even at our Free level, you can invite your friends to download your iOS or Android apps through InstaVR. And for Android specifically, you can upload to a personal web site or Dropbox/Google Drive, and self-distribute.

Show others what your hard work has created. That will encourage them to want to create VR apps!

Also, our InstaVR marketing team would be happy to promote your apps across our social feeds (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and web site. Just like we did with awesome school tour put together by Camp Future Association in Romania!

2. Join VR Enthusiast Groups

There’s a ton of interest in VR. As a result, there have been both in-person and online communities built up to discuss the technology, and how to best utilize it. You don’t need to be a VR expert to join these groups, but you can learn a lot from others who are.

For instance, Ricoh has their own Unofficial Guide community where users of the Theta S share tips and tricks. They also put on live events, like the Meet Up at Stanford that our Head of Sales, Andrew Woodberry, spoke at earlier this year. Joining the Unofficial Guide community is Free and you can share your enthusiasm for Ricoh, InstaVR, etc with others.

There’s also community sites dedicated to sharing 360 media itself. For instance, we’re a member of the 360 Video Professionals group on Facebook. Not only can you learn more about upcoming 360 camera technology, you can see great images and videos crowdsourced by members. In meeting other professionals through Facebook groups like this, you can introduce them to InstaVR.

Finally, there’s also conferences and trade shows you can attend. InstaVR is, for example, is sponsoring the HyperVR festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The number of conferences that prominently feature VR has exploded recently. In the last year alone, we’ve attended VR 2020, Augmented World Expo, Siggraph, SXSW, Autodesk University, and more — all great places to network and show off your InstaVR-created 360 media.

3. Focus on Industries Where VR is Strongest

InstaVR Pro has a lot of potential use cases. But when pitching our Pro service, it’s best to focus on the industries where VR has already made major strides. This includes areas like Education, Marketing, Real Estate, Tourism, Architecture, Engineering, Entertainment, etc.

Even people new to VR in many of these industries can benefit from investing in a 360 camera and an InstaVR Pro account. For instance, we’ve discussed in the past how VR is transforming the Real Estate industry. Almost everyone knows someone who works in real estate, especially if you’ve purchased a home before. They’re a great person to introduce InstaVR’s technology to.

And just like it’s great to be active in VR online communities, you be active in online communities related to specific fields where VR is thriving. For instance, I’ve come across many InstaVR clients who have learned about our solution through their architecture/engineering/design communities. People in those online and offline forums discuss Autodesk, Revit, V-Ray, etc. So when appropriate, you can introduce them to InstaVR.

Education is probably the biggest sharer of information. Professors and graduate students are some of our best Referral partners. Why? Because they’re trying to educate others and push the use of VR in schools to greater heights.

For the month of July, if you refer clients or friends who sign up for a month of InstaVR Pro, you get a $100 Referral Fee! They pay us $299 for a month of InstaVR Pro in July, you get $100 transferred to you August 31st.


If you have any questions, email andrew at instavr.co

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