//What Industries are Gear VR Apps Best For?

What Industries are Gear VR Apps Best For?

Samsung is expected to ship 6.7 million Gear VR headsets this year, besting the 4.5 million units shipped last year. The popularity of the platform makes a lot of sense: it’s mobile, immersive, and can handle long-form & high resolution VR. Many of our InstaVR Pro customers develop primarily for Gear VR. Below we’ll cover which industries benefit the most from publishing Gear VR apps.

Why Customers Use InstaVR to Publish Gear VR Apps

Before we dive into the specific industries being impacted by Gear VR, let’s quickly explore why so many clients are using InstaVR to author & publish their Gear VR apps.

Publishing to Gear VR using InstaVR has some unique advantages:

1. InstaVR provides the best platform for Enterprise Gear VR publishing (Inhouse). We allow you to bypass the Oculus Store, and load locally onto Gear VR-compatible Samsung phones with the least amount of effort.

2. InstaVR supports multiple and unlimited #s of Gear VR signature files. This helps you save time by not having to manually generate each app, with multiple phone-specific Gear VR apps created at the same time.

3. Unlimited #s of apps and unlimited length VR. We don’t charge per app, nor do we limit the length of your VR application, thanks to SD card compatible output

Besides the ease and speed of authoring in InstaVR, you also get the Gear VR specific benefits of the platform. For any company serious about creating Gear VR apps, using InstaVR is an easy choice. But what industries should be utilizing Gear VR headsets + InstaVR generated apps? Find out below…



Architecture, Engineering and Design professionals have always been on the cutting edge of utilizing computer generated imagery for enterprise purposes. The stakes are high when designing a building or planning a structure, and powerful software like Autodesk — and associated technology like V-Ray and Lumion — has allowed CAD professionals to bring to life whole worlds.

Sharing the media created on these platforms has always been a challenge though. The burgeoning VR headset market is helping address this. And among the headset makers, Gear VR is capturing a large market share, where mobility is necessary without comprising high resolution.

CAD clients are using programs like Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max to design buildings, then using InstaVR to augment and package them up for multiple Gear VR headsets. AECOM, for example, follows this process when utilizing Gear VRs at community development meetings.

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VR for Training (Multiple Industries)

Gear VR is, in many respects, perfect for training — mobile, high resolution, and allowing for media of unlimited length. The comfortable and lightweight headset makes for a great user experience. And the portability of the platform, versus the currently tethered Oculus Rift and HTC Vive editions, makes it more suitable for sending to remote locations and for training multiple employees at the same time.

InstaVR makes creating training apps easy. Overlaid Hotspots allow VR authors to add supplemental media information, in the form of 2d images, video, or audio narration. The ability to upload multiple Oculus Gear VR signatures means you can save hours by creating all your Gear VR sideload-ready apps at the same time. And InstaVR also offers flexibility, with long-form training enabled either by streaming or by loading onto additional SD storage.

From training field employees in the Federal government to acclimating new healthcare professionals to helping IT experts replicate a data center on another continent — the Gear VR training use cases of our clients spans a wide gamut!

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Sales/Marketing/Real Estate

Any industry that requires face-to-face meetings benefits from using Gear VR over other platforms. Why? Because the Gear VR headsets are mobile, but still impressive. If you’re going to a sales meeting or a tradeshow or showing off an open home, you can’t go wrong with Gear VR.

InstaVR is particularly applicable to these industries because of the speed and ease of app creation. By being completely drag-and-drop, and walking clients through the process of obtaining and uploading Oculus Signature Files, we make the process of VR app creation as simple as possible. “Time is money” in industries like sales and real estate, and we want to enable our clients to spend time doing the most important thing — interacting with potential clients. InstaVR clients with no VR experience are generating impressive 360 media for the Gear VR, increasing sales.

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Honorable Metion

Here are a few more industries where we’re seeing clients building apps for Gear VR:

Entertainment – Companies like Hello Kitty are using InstaVR to promote their entertainment brands using fun 360 videos. 

Healthcare – Clients are using Gear VRs to promote good health practices, as well as to research the effectiveness of Virtual Reality on health.

Education – Though headsets are considerably more expensive than the lower end Google Cardboard, single purchase headsets for a classroom are not uncommon.



We’re big fans of the Samsung Gear VR headset. Many of our Pro clients are creating some of the most impressive apps specifically for the platform. We’ve put a lot of effort into streamlining the Gear VR app creation process, making it simpler and faster. We’ve also adapted our technology to keep up with the changing features of Gear VR — from incorporating the new Hand Controller into apps to allowing for long-form apps on SD storage.

If you have any questions on InstaVR + Gear VR, don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team or interact with our Customer Success team over Live Chat. Hope to see your Gear VR apps soon!

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