//InstaVR FAQ : How InstaVR Works?

InstaVR FAQ : How InstaVR Works?

InstaVR makes the process of creating VR apps across platforms simple and easy. Rather than hiring a full-time App Developer specific for VR, companies can turn their 360 images and videos into apps on our platform. All you need is a camera and creativity.

The process with InstaVR is simple. You upload your 360 images and videos to our web-based console. You augment adding navigational links between scenes and overlay hotspots with images/video/audio narration. Then create your home screen, optional splash video, and app icon. Final step: packaging.
With one-click each, you’ll have an iOS app, an Android app, a Google Cardboard app, a Gear VR app, and an embeddable web experience in a matter of minutes. You can submit these apps to the iTunes, Google Play, and Oculus Stores.

It’s that simple. Even if you’re a small, lean agency, you can be VR-capable. Your clients can benefit from having access to VR apps. And their customers will benefit from having great experiences created by you

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