//InstaVR FAQ : How InstaVR Works?

InstaVR FAQ : How InstaVR Works?

InstaVR makes the process of creating VR apps across platforms simple and easy. Rather than hiring a full-time App Developer specific for VR, companies can turn their 360 images and videos into apps on our platform. All you need is a camera and creativity.

The process with InstaVR is simple. You upload your 360 images and videos to our web-based console. You augment adding navigational links between scenes and overlay hotspots with images/video/audio narration. Then create your home screen, optional splash video, and app icon. Final step: packaging.
With one-click each, you’ll have an iOS app, an Android app, a Google Cardboard app, a Gear VR app, and an embeddable web experience in a matter of minutes. You can submit these apps to the iTunes, Google Play, and Oculus Stores.

It’s that simple. Even if you’re a small, lean agency, you can be VR-capable. Your clients can benefit from having access to VR apps. And their customers will benefit from having great experiences created by you

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InstaVR is a virtual reality focused technology company, providing tools and services to enable professionals to author and publish interactive VR experiences. InstaVR is completely web-based and requires no specialized engineering knowledge. Over 10,000 clients have signed up for InstaVR, creating thousands of immersive 360 degree apps for iOS, Android, WebVR, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Google Daydream, etc.

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