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What are iOS/Android/Google Cardboard VR apps?

Using a combination of gyroscope + gaze-based navigation, most modern smartphones can be used with VR headsets to create an immersive 360 degree experience. There are many VR headsets that work with iOS/Android, including ones built by Mattel, Merge, Homido, Xiaomi, Carl Zeiss, and more. Google Cardboard, the most popular and simple VR headset, combines cardboard with lenses, and can be purchased for under $10. As of early 2017, Google had shipped over 10 million Cardboard headsets, with millions of generic versions in use as well.

Why Publish to iOS/Android/Google Cardboard? 

For mass distribution, the best platform to publish to is iOS or Android. Virtually all smartphone users will be able to view your VR application, even those without a VR headset. Distribution is flexible, with InstaVR enabling publishing either InHouse or through the iTunes/Google Play stores. Your audience can access your application how you want them to: via e-mail invite, through self-distribution, by scanning a QR code, or through the App Stores.

How Does InstaVR Improve iOS / Android / Google Cardboard Publishing?

Beyond having a simple but robust authoring platform, InstaVR also has a number of features specifically designed for mobile publishing:

  1. Completely drag-and-drop, with no coding required. Saves time and allows non-technical professionals to author mobile apps.
  2. Flexible publishing, including App Store ready packaging. Multiple ways to distribute your apps, including packaging for easy submission to iTunes and Google Play Stores.
  3. Completely white-label, with clients adding their own branding throughout. Custom brand your VR app, including adding personalized mobile app icon & splash image/video.
  4. Live Previewer, displaying work-in-progress apps in native context to allow for more rapid improvements. While you author your VR application, save time and iterate faster by viewing your in-progress app on your mobile device.
  5. Heatmap and Google Analytics data to analyze your mobile app. Post-publishing, review how users interact with your app to improve it in subsequent versions.
  6. Monthly subscription model, allowing for unlimited apps authored. Predictable pricing, with no need to worry about incurred costs for publishing. Subscribe for a month, a few months, or a year!


  • Works on virtually all smartphones, with or without a headset
  • Easy distribution, either InHouse or through iTunes/Google Play
  • Cost effective, as Google Cardboards can be purchased for < $10


  • Takes up significant storage space on mobile phones
  • Resolution is limited to 2K on some older smartphones
  • Google Cardboard doesn’t feel as immersive as Gear VR, Google Daydream

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