//InstaVR FAQ: How do I protect my VR app or contents with passcode or password?

InstaVR FAQ: How do I protect my VR app or contents with passcode or password?

InstaVR FAQ: How do I protect contents with Password?

Can we password protect so the video cant be played unless you know the password?

It’s almost ready. Please make contact with contact@instavr.co to have further update.

For the password protection, there are several variations to do this.

1) Scope

Per app: All contents are protected. Only 1 password can unlock all contents. You have to share the password on AppStore submission.

Per content: Some contents are not protected, but some contents are protected. Password are required to unlock the contents.

Per content per user: Contents accessibility is different per user. This would be suitable for Netflix or Amazon Prime style service. User A can access all, but user B cannot access all. Or user C can access some because user C purchased these contents.

2) Input Type

Number: Simple.

Full Text: In the pure VR system like Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE,  full-text based input is one of the challenges, so relatively simple passcodes such as number only might be used.

QR Code: Easy to share. Scan to go.

Managed: User doesn’t input content passcode. User requires sign-in to the VR app. Each user’s accessibility is managed by app. User never enters passcode per content or app. This is suitable for complicated scope like per content per user.

3) Duration

Permanent: Passcode will not changed. The passcode will be stored locally. User doesn’t have to input it anymore.

One-time: Passcode will be changed from time to time. User needs to input password every time. This would be good for subscription type businesses.

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