InstaVR FAQ : How to Set Up Google Analytics and Incorporate InstaVR

Steps to find Tracking ID from Google Analytics account: 1.  Log in to Google Analytics account (https://analytics.google.com). 2.  Click on Admin button. 3. Select Property from Property Settings → Tracking Info → Tracking Code. 4. Get Tracking ID and save it. How to use Tracking ID for VR Scene, Links, Hotspot & Action's Google Analytics data for Mobile [...]

May 24th, 2017|Support|

InstaVR FAQ : Setting up Daydream headset and controller for InstaVR’s Daydream Supported VR App

Prerequisite : Daydream Ready Phone (e.g. Google Pixel) Daydream View Headset Daydream Controller [ Install the latest Android update(s) : You might be asked to install the latest Android updates. Please make sure to install all pending Android updates before continuing with Daydream setup. Daydream may not function properly unless all updates are installed. Make sure [...]

May 24th, 2017|Support|

InstaVR FAQ : InHouse iOS app shows error message “The untrusted enterprise developer”

Follow below Instructions After Package InHouse iOS App: 1) Open iOS installation portal in iPhone/iPad with InstaVR credentials, it will redirect to following page. 2) Tap the app you want to install 3) A pop up "console.instavr.co would like to install "YOUR APP NAME" will be displayed. Press "Install" button. 4) Download and installation will be [...]

March 22nd, 2017|Support|

InstaVR FAQ : How to view GearVR package WITHOUT developer mode enabled.

1.  Download GearVR package on Samsung S6/S7 device from InstaVR through QR code from "Download" section of InstaVR console like below : 2.  Install the package like normal android application. 3.  Confirm that the application is successfully installed. 4.  Open the application by tapping the application icon. 5.  You will get below screen on your mobile. [...]

March 22nd, 2017|Support|

How to manage many 360 panoramic scenes by toggling thumbnail and list view in InstaVR?

You can manage many 360 panoramic scenes by toggling thumbnail and list view in InstaVR.  Click "Image" button top-left of authoring view to have thumbnail view (default).  Click "List" button top-left of authoring view to have list view. This is powerful to organize many panoramic scenes (100+). You can reorder scenes by drag-and-drop with list view, too. [...]

March 18th, 2017|Support|