What is the Gear VR Headset?

The Gear VR is a headset designed by Samsung in conjunction with Oculus, released to the public in late 2015. The headset is compatible with a wide range of higher end Samsung Galaxy phones. It is one of the most popular and powerful mobile VR headsets on the market. As of mid 2017, over 10 million Gear VRs are in use.

Why Publish to Gear VR?

Samsung’s Gear VR headset is mobile, immersive, and allows for both high resolution and long-form 360 VR experiences. It is a great fit for presentations to small groups, such as at sales meetings and tradeshows. Gear VR is also good for high bandwidth requirements, such as 360 video. Samsung has recently extended the capabilities of the platform, including the ability to use a hand controller and cast the contents of the VR headset to an unattached television screen.

How Does InstaVR Improve Gear VR Publishing?

Beyond having a simple but robust authoring platform, InstaVR also has a number of features specifically designed for Gear VR publishing:

  1. InstaVR is the best fit for Enterprise (Inhouse) projects. Our simple-to-follow publishing process allows you to easily sideload your 360 degree VR projects onto specific Samsung phones, for use with the Gear VR headset. Long-form VR is made possible through either Streaming or packaging up the app to an additional SD memory card. We provide 24 hour Live Chat support on weekdays, should you have any questions.
  2. InstaVR supports multiple and unlimited number of Gear VR signature files. The Oculus signature files are what allow the published app to run on a specific device. Uploading multiple signature files, and publishing simultaneous Gear VR packages, accelerates the app creation process.
  3. InstaVR allows you to create unlimited numbers of Gear VR projects, without charging you per project. This allows you to iterate and improve your Gear VR projects over time. We also released a Live Previewer, that allows you to experience the finalized project as you author the app.
  4. Incorporates latest Samsung Gear VR updated features. Using InstaVR, Gear VR users can navigate either via gaze activation or through the newly released hand controller. InstaVR authored apps can also be simultaneously cast to a television while a user engages with the VR through the headset.


  • Mobile, immersive platform able to handle high resolution VR experiences
  • Using InstaVR, you can create VR experiences of unlimited length for Gear VR
  • Over 10 million in use, so Samsung is heavily invested in the technology


  • Significant phone battery drain, so you may have to purchase multiple phones
  • Limited compatibility to only select Samsung Galaxy phones
  • Enterprise (Inhouse) use requires extra step of obtaining phone’s specific Device ID

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