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  • Use Cases


    “The Visualization Studio at AECOM is pushing heavily into utilizing VR to its fullest extent in our Design and Construction Services.
    We are exploring using VR, AR and 360° imagery to assist our BIM workflow, training and communication at all levels of technical expertise.
    InstaVR allowed us a fast and effective way to reach our audience across multiple platforms.
    We’re very pleased, and looking forward to all the great developments to come!”

    Stephen Paul
    Visualization Manager, DCS Americas Marketing, AECOM


    Agencies can decide how robust they want their white-labled InstaVR offering to be. transcosmos now offers clients a variety of options for utilizing VR, including:

    • Casual VR: Multiple scenes, with hotspots, that can be used for web-based landing pages
    • Rich VR: Fully immersive virtual reality, including audio and multiple hotspots, that can be used in conjunction with a VR headset to create a compelling and memorable experience

  • Insta VR at glance

    Create once, Publish to many and Analyze with Heatmaps

  • New Feature Spotlight

    Stereo Panorama Cube-map Supported

    Compatibility with various 3DCG software such as Rendering in Autodesk A360, Lumion, OctaneRender, VRay, etc.

  • Features and Benefits

    Web-Based Online

    No Tech Skill is required

    Drag-and-drop based.

    No coding is required.

    • InstaVR is a web-based online tool. You can start authoring without preparing special hardware or installing software to your local machine. 
    • You can make a VR app with zero experience.

    Stereoscopic 3D

    Rich 3D experience.

    • Stereoscopic panoramic images and movies are supported. 
    • Audience can have true 3D experience. 
    • Please upload 360 top-bottom image and turn "360 3d" on.

    4K 360 Video

    High Resolution / Immersive

    360 VR Experience

    • You can upload various media include 4K 360 videos to InstaVR.
    • InstaVR automatically generate streaming preview and renditions to support various devices.

    Various Platform

    Create once. Build various package.

    • You can publish to various platforms such as iOS, Android, Samsung Gear VR, Web, etc with a single click.
    • You can deliver through to app marketplaces such as App Store, Google Play, etc.

    White Label

    Distribute app via your market place account.

    • You can download publish ready format and submit to market places such as Google Play, App Store, Gear VR store, etc. via your account.

    Full Branding

    Flexible, complete and intuitive branding

    • You can brand your app with an app icon, home screen, custom hotspot icon, etc.
    • You can also add screens with instructions.

    Flexible Hotspots

    Add various types of pop-up information

    • You can improve user experience by adding text, images, audio and videos to anywhere in the scene.
    • Online hosting is supported. You can host contents on the web.

    Download / Streaming

    Keep app small. Deliver plenty of contents.

    • You can choose online content hosting option. With this option, all content is delivered via our content delivery network (CDN) and the app size is extremely small.


    Understand user behavior with Heatmaps

    • You can analyze users' eye tracking data as a heat map in the authoring environment. 
    • You can tweak your content by referencing heat maps. 
  • InstaVR Web Widget Live Demo

    Navigate, Understand, Decide and Contact within a 360 VR space via InstaVR web widget
    Usage: Drag to look around. Click markers to navigate, show or execute.

    How to publish to Web / embed to Web?

    Overview Video

    You can publish your VR experience as a Web page or Web embedded component.

  • Industries / Solutions

    Real Estate VR

    Allow worldwide prospects to evaluate your property without having to travel.


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    Tourism VR

    Allow worldwide travelers to check your offerings before travelling.


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    Automotive VR

    Allow worldwide drivers to evaluate your cars without having to go to the dealer.


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    Educational VR

    Allow your children to learn by using virtual experience.


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    Wedding VR

    Preserve your big day forever using VR.


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    Hotel VR

    Accommodations are a major factor in making travel plans. Allow international travelers to view your hotel amenities before making a decision.


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    Air VR

    Air travel is another major factor in making travel plans. Allow travelers worldwide to experience your air travel offerings before making a decision.


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    VR Media Portal

    You can create your own VR media portal app. You can also engage and monetize your app by using your VR images and videos.


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    Sports VR

    You can provide an array of stunning view sheets to an unlimited VR audience.


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    Real Events VR

    You can offer premier sheets on any real event to an unlimited VR audience.


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    Celebrity VR

    Increase engagement with your fans by sharing celebrity experiences using VR.

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  • Why choose InstaVR?

    VR content distribution can be very complicated


    It's often difficult to find a VR app developer. VR app development is still new to developers, so your idea might not be properly implemented.

    InstaVR can solve this. You don't need to find a developer. With InstaVR, you can create an app with just a few clicks.

    Time and Cost

    Creating a development from scratch is time and cost consuming.

    InstaVR can solve this. With InstaVR, you are provided with a time estimate and fixed cost pricing.

    Too many platforms

    There are an increasing number of VR platforms, such as Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, etc.

    If you want to develop a different app for each VR platform, your development costs will increase dramatically.

    InstaVR can solve this. With InstaVR, you can publish to every VR platform with just one click.

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